*** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Knowing you had our backs on hardware meant we could just focus on graphics ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Customer service is outstanding ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Product demos are always cool! ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- How quickly they were able to deliver a last minute custom order ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- The time I got a bonus of free ice cream and a puppy ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Optima re-printed and had them in Berlin in less than 48 hours. Whew! ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Rich Fava ziplining with our group ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Optima always delivers the product on time and well done ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- They are all favorite moments. I haven't had a bad experience. Everything comes in as ordered ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Outstanding customer service ***  ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- when I finally met everyone face-to-face ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- The client was thrilled and the repair was made quickly and easily ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- The day we got Tim Bonesteel back as our rep ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Optimapalooza ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- You have been a wonderful vendor to work with ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- The frame was delivered in 20 minutes and the install completed within the same hour ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- he said "if you will get the structure here we will get it done" ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Optima had to work overtime on Saturday to complete the order on time. Everything went very well ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Gina Porcaro and our companies are building a fresh relationship with her and Optima. ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- Optima has never said "no" and has come through every time ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- "Oppie" employees (all of whom had better things to do), gave up their night to go bowling w/me instead ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- my relationship with Optima and the "jester" Bob Moser. ***   ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- The day Optima activated a FTP site ***  ::   *** 25 Year Favorite Moment! -- our relationship with Optima has been not only a game changer, but a life changer ***   ::   ... Peace of mind is really hard to find in this industry but you guys make sure that I have it with any order no matter if it is large or small...  ::   ... Optima's QUALITY has set an industry benchmark. ...  ::   ... We all realize mistakes will happen, the key is to have a partner with a solution.  ::   ... I always know what step in the job process my project is at because of your verifications throughout the process. ...  ::   ... reliability; professionalism, quality and changing the phrase "Rush Job" into "Normal Turnaround"...  ::   ... I think that your graphics are superior to my hardware vendors graphics...  ::   ... Optima may not always be the cheapest, but they are always reliable and sometimes that is more important than price.  ::   ... For over 15 years I have never had anyone from Optima scream, cry or throw up on me, and that is appreciated more than you know. ...  ::   ... The Optima experience has always been great, but starting with the "Blast Off" (BOOST!) program and now extending through with "A to Z Values" the Optima experience is now better than ever. ...  ::   ... I have learned that in the Trade Show industry one is only as good as your WORST vendor...  ::   ... I calmly called placed a verbal order for a reprint of (4) Lambda murals to ship THAT NIGHT! End of the problem. ...  ::   ... we looked like champs and we owe it all to Optima. ...  ::   ... The sale was made because of the quality of customer service provided and the performance of your products...  ::   ... Optima has amazingly responsive customer service...  ::   ... Our business has grown and stayed current because of Optima's hip, modern and innovating product line. ...  ::   ... emphasis on QUALITY translates into more profitability for us! ...  ::   ... I decided to take a deep breath and call to see what Optima could do to help me out of my corner. I don't know how you guys do it but Optima worked it out with a minimal cost... everyone was very happy and impressed, especially with the short time it took...  ::   ... I have seen many graphic suppliers come and go due to pricing or shotty work and customer service, but yet Optima remains one of our preferred vendors. The price guides are easy to quote from, the customer service and graphic support is top notch, and the quality is consistently good. ...  ::   ... Your website is easy to navigate and filled with great sales tools and information. Your .ftp site is an easy hassle free way to upload artwork...  ::   ... I am A fan of Optima for life.""... I recently ordered hardware from a trade show vendor and they couldn't print the graphics in time to meet our deadline. ...  ::   ... When i started my display company I looked for partners that have a no quit attitude and that I know have my back. ...  ::   ...We view Optima Graphics as an extension of company and our affiliation with Optima Graphics makes our company more versatile, competitive and professional. ...  ::   ... Optima provides me more time to focus on selling!...  ::   ... There has never been an ounce of dissapointment in my book with Optima. ...  ::   ... When I have to order from other manufactures I feel like I am always holding my breath that the job will work out o.k. and God forbid that I have to deal with their customer service people during the process. ...  ::   ... having Optima as a business partner increases the perception of the size and depth of our business. ...  ::   ... I am not Optima's biggest customer I know but I have never felt small and have always been treated with respect and urgency. ...  ::   ... Your turn around time is fantastic and the best that I have ever seen. Your pricing and freight costs beat any and all that is out there. ...  ::   ... The innovative products development, user friendly website, and superior tech support have added value to every one of my clients products. ...  ::   ... Optima has provided the best customer service reps... I have every confidence that each order will be right, ontime and what the customer ordered. ...  ::   ... I know that no matter what Optima has the same customer service attitude that I have and if there ever is a problem it will be taken care of fast and efficiently. ...  ::   ... The team at Optima all contribute imensely to help our business continually deliver outstanding product knowledge, excellent customer support, and the highest quality design services - all with consistent dependability.  ::   ... Expert advice on products, process or art files is always available...  ::   ... Optima's A to Z Values provide us the ability to serve our clients better and faster which results in more sales and happier customers. ...  ::   ... Optima keeps us in the 'wow factor' business!...  ::   ... Optima's "A-Z Value Proposition" has been one of the cornerstone's to OUR success for over 13 years. ...  ::   ... I have never heard Optima say 'no'. ...  ::   ... we realized the wrong address was provided... At 3pm in CA we contacted our Optima rep... the graphics arrived on time the next morning, were installed and the show opened at 10am without a hitch. Service like this is what allows us to grow and succeed. ...  ::   ... Optima is truly an extension of our custom design and customer service support, ...  ::   ... In a day when "leave a message" is the norm, I get to actually speak to my rep and her willingness to work thru each project, committment to knowing the status and confidence in the quality of the end results is representative of MY confidence in Optima. ...  ::  
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